Graphic design department is run by a group of makers, outsiders and freaks, namely: visual artists, architects, photographers, animators/motion pictures addicts, communicologist, linguists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, sociologists and … yes – biologists. Thanks to this weird diversity we enjoy an incessant curiosity, a drive for knowledge and a passion for design. We love working together, appreciating human interplay. We teach and learn openness to other perspectives.

Paying respect to design legacy (philosophy and pedagogy of a wide range of schools and movements) we consider design as a process dedicated to all levels of society. The scope of our studies strongly operates on identifying societal problems and delivering solutions for a sustainable future. In order to put it into effect we use:

— graphic design
— visual communication
— universal design
— communication design
— legal design.

To validate this declaration we encourage you to check out our latest publication ‘differences’:

Head of the Department:
Mariusz Wszołek, Phd

Head of the Studies:
Krzysztof Moszczyński, PhD