Change by design project

Our leading speciality is searching for social sensitivity solutions of design problems at the intersection of law, communication and graphic design – legal design.

As part of the change by design initiative, we use socially oriented design doctrines to solve problems by diagnosing them and providing easy-to-use solutions. We work based on the principles of participatory (co-design) and socially engaged design (humanity-centered design), acting as external advisors (design consulting) and researchers looking for answers on how to propose change through design instead of change through disaster. We cooperate with organizations that are aware of the importance of building a clear, transparent and contradiction-free profile and communication (including visual communication) and those that care about socially and environmentally sensitive design.

The first commandment: legal design is way beyond accessibility and readability. Legal design is about social change.

Fields of expertise:

  • Conducting training on topics related to legal design, humanity-centered design, social design and communication design
  • Development of specialized courses in the field of legal design
  • Implementation of projects in the field of information visualization and data visualization
  • Implementation of projects in the field of communication design
  • Design cooperation with the public, private and civic sectors
  • Developing a research program in the field of legal design

Lists of companies:

Credit Agricole,, ING, Biuro Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich, Rzeczpospolita, Merc.

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Mariusza Wszołka, Prof.
Dorota Płuchowska, PhD
Marcin Wysocki, PhD
Wojciech Jastrzębski, PhD
Mateusz Antczak, MA
Paulina Woźniak, MA